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coloquio_22de marzo_2024
Publicado el 14 Mar 2024 10:07 AM

Expositor: Msc. Marco Hidalgo 

Resumen del coloquio: Despite being known as the most stable and oldest democracy in Latin America, Costa Rica had an unprecedented electoral episode in early 2018. In the light of same-sex marriage legal approval, an evangelical conservative party openly against it suddenly took off in popularity during the campaign. For months the country experienced a tense polarizing atmosphere. In this research, I implement an Instrumental Variable econometric approach using district-level data since 1973 to rigorously test whether lower education and poverty fueled conservative support. My findings suggest that historical economic insecurity did cause conservative support against human rights.

Modalidad: Bimodal
Detalles: Viernes 22 de marzo 12m.d., Miniauditorio aula 244CE. Transmisión FB Live. Escuela de Economía